2017: A Year in Review

So, 2017 is finally over. And I'd like to start by saying that I feel bad for 2017 because everyone hated it so much. Like, REALLY hated it. They hated it the way that some people hate pineapple on pizza. And, I mean, I get it. (Not the pineapple thing. I enjoy pineapple on a pizza and I don't know when this became such a divisive issue.) I get why we all hated 2017, but it wasn't all bad. I mean, yes, we are living in a circus world now, and yes, I find the circus very scary, and they abuse elephants (and probably acrobats), and circus peanuts are quite possibly the worst candy known to man. But I have faith that we'll get through it and things will be sort of okay again.  

Anyways, hopefully, you're not here for breaking news or political commentary. (If you are, please close this tab and google "legitimate news outlets.") This is jeannegoshe.com so here's a list of things that I, Jeanne Goshe, accomplished in 2017.

1. didn't die
2. got free pizza in a bar AFTER the kitchen had closed
3. broke a tooth eating that free bar pizza
4. got my first CROWN (for the broken pizza tooth)
5. made hair blonde
6. moved to an apartment that is high above the ground
7. went to Disneyland
8. formed an LLC, whatever that is
9. saw an eclipse

I think that about covers it. And no, I'm not going to make it an even 10, because I find it disingenuous. 

So I've got high hopes for 2018. I hope not to break any more teeth. I hope to return to Disneyland. And I hope to find out what an LLC actually is.

Happy New Year, everybody!