It's good to laugh. Because if you can’t laugh, you’re almost definitely going to end up crying in
your shower later tonight. Here are some of the funny things I’ve written.

Celiac & Salty
I found out that I have Celiac disease last year and I’m not super happy about it, so this is where I talk about missing bread and eating gluten free in Portland.

Memorandum of Meeting w/ President Trump
Don't ask how, but I got my hands on one of those Comey memos.

Procrastinating: A Guide 
You probably think you're good at procrastinating, but I'm the best.

Maybe Divorce is Contagious
I wrote about how I caught a divorce for The Huffington Post

Donuts for Doug
I made a GoFundMe for my coworker, Doug, after his bike was stolen from the parking garage at our place of work. It was fun for me and embarrassing for Doug! It raised over $500 which was enough to buy a new bike and 6 jelly donuts.

Sometimes you just want to write your own fake antidepressant commercial. You know, for kicks!